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This bulletin board supplements the Employment and Entrepreneurship page (which also lists other websites designed for veterans in mind).

LVMAC recognizes having a job is typically the “number one” concern of a transitioning or mid-life veteran — and good jobs are hard to come by.  From time to time, we receive notification of available job offerings through various networks.  Below is a crude, rudimentary and occasionally updated listing of job opportunities.  Most are probably in the DLI job search database at the Lehigh Valley CareerLink, but the possibility also exists some employers may prefer not to use that means of referral.

For the record, we do not work for or have an obligation to any employer.

Our Criteria and Conditions: 

  1. We will emphasize those listings where veterans are actively sought for well-paying jobs which can support a family.  Therefore we do not solicit job offers not made with that aim in mind.
  2. We prefer the jobs be located within the Lehigh Valley.  However, we know good jobs are currently scarce and therefore will post some jobs farther out.
  3. We will post internship/paid training programs when we know of them.  These are particularly helpful to the transitioning some veterans back to civilian work life.
  4. We cannot  assure a job listed will be available when a veteran calls the employer.   We are not a job agency.  We are an all- volunteer organization trying to help others.
  5. We will not assure an employer is a good one.  We will endorse no business or government agency.  However, to the best of our ability, we will not list jobs requiring additional subsidy from taxpayers to assure a decent living wage.
  6. Job seekers are not to contact us directly about the jobs listed unless to correct an error.  This can be done through

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CareerLink’s Weekly Newsletter

For a potentially useful, first step towards preparing for and finding a job in the Greater Lehigh Valley, click here.  While the newsletter, is not snazzy it is direct — it chock full of current event hyperlinks.  If you are not using the CareerLink of the Lehigh Valley and its Veterans Employment Representative(s), you might not being using every tool at your disposal.

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CareerLink’s VER Desk Notes

Useful information (employment intelligence) provided through emails and other distributed information by the local veteran employment representatives (VER) at the Lehigh Valley CareerLink is provided here.  It is a good way to learn of local job fairs, training seminars, veterans job club meetings, and jobs for which employers are seeking veterans.  Updated on a periodic basis.  For more information, contact a VER.

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Local VA Employment

Five VA hospital networks in the Veterans Health Administration exist within about 60 miles of the Lehigh Valley, without considering the Philadelphia VA Regional Office (Veterans Benefits Administration) and the Washington Crossing Cemetery (National Cemetery Administration).  The VA provides good, secure jobs and seeks veterans to employ.  The types of  jobs runs the gamut.  Click here for a quick peek on jobs within 50 miles of Bethlehem (you can change the search) and then on the job title to how to apply. [Accessed 9 November 2016]

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Government Jobs

  • Department of Homeland Security:  DHS is hiring and looking for veterans.  While it, like other federal agencies, uses USAJOBS (the federal government’s official web portal for hiring) as a portal, it has established a Veteran Employment Program Office (VEPO), which has a one stop website for veterans seeking employment: click here.  The website explains veterans‘ preference, has a contact email addresses to answer any questions, and has a converter tool that helps transitioning service members find appropriate jobs to apply for within DHS and the federal government. Any veterans interested in employment at DHS should send their inquiries to VETS@DHS.GOV  or call 202-357-8620.  [Accessed 18 July 2015]
  • Department of Defense Employment Readiness Program:  Tobyhanna Depot, as a DoD Logistics Maintenance site, operates an Employment Readiness Program (ERP) which is designed to assist spouses of active duty military personnel, retired military personnel, DoD civilians and their families by providing employment readiness information. It does not function as an employment agency, but as a point of contact between potential employers and job seekers, and a provider of employment readiness training and resources.  For more information, go to its Army Community Services website for ERP.  [Accessed 18 July 2015]
  • The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers a variety of jobs, to include those in state veterans homes and armories: Click Here.   [Accessed 9 November 2016]
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs and Other Federal Government Agencies:  The VA offers multiple ways of finding a career with them and others ranging from a standard application to internships.  It also offers OJT and apprenticeship programs, etc. through its Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Service (VRE) intended for those with a certain level of disability.  However, the VRE maintains a website under its VetSuccess program which has more general applicability for all veterans and pays attention to connecting both the veteran and the employer to each other, whether federal or private.  Click here for the one-stop VA job hunting site of multiple sites it offers on employment.  [Accessed 18 July 2015]
  • County Government Job Offers:  Lehigh County  and Northampton County , like the state, both give veterans preference points for many jobs. [Accessed 18 July 2015]

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Private Sector Jobs

  • VetCentral is a division of  the DirectEmployers Association, a nonprofit Human Resources consortium of  employers and formed to improve labor market efficiency.  For jobs offered through the Lehigh Valley CareerLink system, click here; for all known jobs offered in the Lehigh Valley from federal contractors (within 50 miles of the Lehigh Valley Post Office zip code 18002), click here. [Accessed 18 July 2015]
  • is part of “the Pennsylvania Local JobNetwork™ … comprised of multiple employment Web sites focusing exclusively on local communities in the State of Pennsylvania” and claims it was the first to use the web in Pennsylvania.  If it has been in business since 1994, it evidently satisfies employers’ needs for a reliable web-based referral system.  Many of the employers are veterans-friendly and it is one of the few sites which offers at a glance ‘right up front’ both wage and salary jobs by general geographic area.  Click here for the Lehigh Valley area (Allentown site). [Accessed 18 July 2015]
  • Air Products and Chemicals is constantly hiring locally.  Featured jobs are listed here.  However, these are not the only jobs available.  For more information, contact Air Products Central Staffing.  [Accessed 18 July 2015]
  • PPL has made a major commitment to hiring veterans and it is a local corporation.  Click here to discover their job opportunities.  Do not overlook the Troops to Energy link (click on symbol) at the bottom of the webpage.  [Accessed 18 July 2015]
  • DoD Employment Readiness Program lists civilian sector jobs in addition to government ones.   See “Government Jobs” above.
  • Greater Philadelphia Veterans Network (GPVN) is an organization whose primary mission is to provide pre-employment career services, ‘hands on’ mentors and to share potential job leads to transitioning military service members and local veterans. GPVN also offers Veteran Entrepreneurship Seminars, Hiring Veterans Workshops for local companies  and Vet to Vet Volunteering.  Some of the job postings include jobs close to the Lehigh Valley: The main site offers a good, localized resource section and its Linked-In site provides for networking to a job.  A new website is under development.  Current site not good for current events. Contact them. [Accessed 18 July 2015]
  • RecruitMilitary Expos:  RecruitMilitary is veteran-owned, veteran-operated, and veteran-advised national recruiting firm that bills itself as at the top in full service, military-to-civilian recruiting.  It continually holds fairs in Philadelphia.  Click here for the latest, planned Philadelphia event and to register. [Accessed 18 July 2015]
  • RHD Job Announcements:  Resources for Human Development (RHD), a national nonprofit, serves tens of thousands of people of all abilities every year with caring, effective and innovative programs addressing intellectual and developmental disabilities, behavioral health, homelessness, addiction recovery and more.  It also is continually seeking employees.  Click here  for job offerings.  [Accessed 18 July 2015]

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Last Updated: 9 Nov 2016 (added Local VA Employment; correct DMVA site)

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