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We are in the era of tablets and smartphones.  To take advantage of this new technology, the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Health Administration (VHA) has relatively recently entered the mobile apps scene in a big way.   We believe their products may prove actually useful to veterans, caregivers and medical professionals — and the time has come to consider other mobile apps as well.  Therefore, this page is dedicated to useful healthcare mobile applications published principally by the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense plus other selected organizations providing services to military veterans and their families.

Veterans Health Administration Mobile Apps

Click here for what we think this is the best portal site to the Veterans Health Administrations mobile apps for military veterans, caregivers and medical professionals (currently aimed at VHA staff).  Android, Apple and Web platforms are supported.

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Department of Defense Mobile Apps

AMEDD Mobile Apps:  The Stimson Library of US. Army Medical Department and School, the bedrock medical establishment in the Department of Defense, has one of the most extensive listings of healthcare mobile applications found anywhere.  The library does not limit itself to government products.  A good bibliography of them is provided under the Medical Mobile Apps tab.  Unlike those listed by the Defense Centers of Excellence below, many are meant for the professional medical community alone.  Click here for the portal to their mobile site.  While Android and Apple platforms are the most common, Windows platforms do exist.

Defense Centers of Excellence Mobile Apps:  The National Center for Telehealth and Technology, related to AMEDD, has been a leader in the use of apps, particularly where psychological health or traumatic brain injury (TBI) is involved.  Click here for their mobile site.  Applications currently appear to be  for Android and Apple platforms.

TRICARE Mobile Apps:  Click Here.  Currently lists Android and Apple platforms, but Blackberry and Windows platforms do exist for some products.  As an example, for Blackberry and Windows platforms for the Express Scripts product, for example, use this alternative route.

National Guard Mobile Apps:  The Army National Guard has been pushing a portal site called Guard Your HealthUnlike the VHA’s site, the products are not necessarily government products and the real value may the other features of the portal website, which is oriented on those still serving.

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LVMAC Mobile Apps

Clinician’s Guide:  Developed for the Healthcare in Our Community initiative, it was developed well before a similar product now provided by the VA and is useful for military-veterans and their families as well. Click here.

Other Mobile Apps

HealthNet Federal Services:  By contract, HealthNet Federal Services is responsible for TRICARE administration of the Northern Region of the United States, the region to which we belong.  It has its own mobile apps site.  It essentially uses Department of Defense sites for the most part.

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Last Updated: 19 April 2016 (addition of LVMAC Apps)

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