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Mental Health First Aid Resources for the military, veterans and their families:  click here.

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s Veteran Services:  Their veterans services are located principally in the Quakertown area.  Recently, it acquired the Mitchell Clinic in Emmaus.   According to its literature, New Vitae offers comprehensive behavioral health services and supportive residential opportunities to veterans who experience long term challenges with recovery goals.  Physicians, therapists, mentors and other staff with experience of service in the armed forces coordinate holistic and individualized services within its continuum of care and are responsive to the unique needs of veterans.  The services are trauma-informed and person-centered in order to promote progress toward each veteran’s personal goals.  As such, it is a resource for:

  • Homeless Veterans
  • Veterans Courts
  • Veterans on assisted living wait lists
  • Veterans in domiciliary care
  • Veterans in transitional housing programs
  • Veterans experiencing behavioral health concerns
  • Veterans experiencing behavioral health challenges secondary to early onset dementia and/or memory loss and polytrauma
  • Veterans experiencing addiction struggles
  • Veterans interested in community reintegration (whatever that means)
  • VA Mental Health Treatment Coordinators (MHTC)
  • Mental Health Intensive Case Managers (MHICM)



Last Updated: 10 October 2017


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